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Our hostel is 100 meters from the Pisa Central Station, 500 meters from the main boulevard in the center, 1.5 km by foot or 10 minutes by bus to the Duomo and the Tower, 10 minutes by bus or 2.6 km by foot from the Pisa Airport!..Don’t believe us?... Check it out on Google Maps! ;)

The bus stop for the airport and Duomo/Tower is a walking distance from the hostel!

Besides being super close to the train station and the center of Pisa, we are very close to the bus station. Every 15 minutes there are buses headed for the beaches located in Tirrenia and Marina di Pisa (about a 20 minute bus ride), for Livorno, Lucca and the Monti Pisani.

Close to our Hostel you will find restaurants (Italian and international), bars, grocery stores, pizza places, kebabs and stores to meet all your needs!

If you are need of fast food, we are located 100 meters from a McDonalds.

Bus Route from the Airport to the Leaning Tower.